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Columbia Grinding Owners Retirement

September 2019: On September 30th 2019, after 43 years of ownership and management of Columbia Grinding, Rich and Kay Lussier retired. At this time they also completed the sale of the business to their son, Adam. In 1976, Rich and Kay Lussier bought Columbia Grinding from Joe Shavor as a one man, 1,800 square foot business. Richard Lussier grew up right next door to this shop, and would often watch Joe work. Little did he know that his curiosity would someday lead to his owning that business. They ran the shop in much the same way Joe had done for so many years. Early in 1978, the production workload became too much for one man to handle, and hired their first employee. Today Columbia Grinding employs 35 people. Rich and Kay worked hard to earn the reputation as "The Flatwork Specialists", and steadily grew the business over the years. Moving from their 1,800 square foot building in South Milwaukee to the Oak Creek Industrial Park. As business increased they built a specially designed 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in 1994 and added a 12,800 square foot addition in 2016. Congratulations Richard and Kay on 43+ years of dedication to our community, industry, your company and its employees.


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July 1 2018


Celebrating 40 years of Production Excellence

March 11, 2016: Columbia Grinding is proud to announce their 40th Year providing high quality precision flat grinding services to several manufacturing industries. Check back for more information soon !


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Winter 2014 Issue


Apprenticeship Educational Program Success


August 2014: Since 1997 Columbia Grinding has continued with 17 plus high school students enrolled in a training program to learn about the machining aspects of production grinding services. These students split their time between the classroom and on the job. Some of the Columbia Grinding workforce now encompasses these past enrolled students that became employees!


NEW - Flat Honing / Fine Grinding Video

February 2013: Check out this short video featuring our precision grinding on thin metal parts. We will take on your flatness challege! Our capabilities typically provide precision flat parallel finishing to high tolerances on production run parts.


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Winter 2012 Issue


More Grinding Production Capabilities Added

November 2012: Columbia Grinding has added two 30 inch Double Disc with "swing arm" grinding machines to it's main production line bringing to a total of 10 ginders. Also another Rotary Surface (Blanchard) 42 inch table capacity has been installed bringing these style of machines to total of 10 grinders.


NEW - Equipment List Now Available


October 2012: A new equipment list document is now available that details our recent updated production facilities. Check our total capabilities to service your next order.


Second Chance Educational Program Started

September 2012: Columbia Grinding has high school students enrolled in a training program to learn about the machining aspects of production grinding services. These students split their time between the classroom and on the job.


FACEBOOK Web Information Site Completed

  FACEBOOK Website

February 2012: Columbia Grinding has completed a FACEBOOK web site to post more ongoing flat finished ground parts. Look back often for more photo updates and videos in the near future. Visit our web pages at FACEBOOK web page to review our latest information.


Small Businesses Needs Jobs Bill - SBA Article
Columbia Grinding Takes Action

September 14, 2010: By Karen Mills

As a result of the Recovery Act, Richard and Kay Lussier, owners of Columbia Grinding in Oak Creek, were able to get a Small Business Administration Recovery loan to buy a new grinding machine and hire four new employees. In fact, Columbia Grinding is one of nearly 70,000 small business that is growing and creating jobs because of these loans - but there is much more work to do. U.S. Senate leaders say that their top priority this week is passing the Small Business Jobs Act to help more entrepreneurs and small business owners like the Lussiers as they grow and hire. This is good news, because small businesses create two of every three new jobs across the country. And we need to support their hard work and innovation in order to strengthen our economy and continue our recovery. The Small Business Jobs Act includes a number of President Barack Obama's proposals to cut taxes for small businesses to encourage investment and hiring, increase loans for small businesses through community banks and expand successful SBA loan programs. These are bipartisan ideas, drafted by Republicans and Democrats, and supported by the Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. And the Senate bill is paid for. It won't add a single dime to the deficit. Even in a political season, this is an approach we all should be able to agree on. To provide additional tax relief, the bill builds on the eight small business tax cuts Obama already has signed into law. It will double the amount a business can write off for equipment purchases from $250,000 to $500,000 through 2011, and it restores first-year "bonus" depreciation through 2010. And entrepreneurs will be glad to hear that the legislation eliminates capital gains taxes on small business investments. The bill allows small business owners to deduct the cost of health insurance in 2010 for themselves and their family members in calculating their self-employment taxes, providing a significant tax cut this year for these entrepreneurs. And for Americans who want to strike out on their own, the legislation doubles the maximum possible tax deduction for startups through 2010. To spur lending, the legislation builds on what works by extending SBA Recovery loans. By waiving fees and increasing the federally backed guarantee on small business loans, the SBA turned $680 million in Recovery dollars into more than $30 billion in lending support for small businesses. Columbia Grinding saved about $5,000 on its loan because of the waived fees. The bill also will permanently increase the maximum size of its top loan sizes from $2 million to $5 million. These bigger loans will help small franchisees, manufacturers, exporters and others who simply need more capital to create jobs. Another way the bill builds on what works is by creating the Small Business Lending Fund to provide smaller, community banks with capital to make even more small business loans. As these banks use the fund to make more small business loans than they did in 2009, the Treasury Department will cut the bank's interest rate to as low as 1%. In other words, the fund provides a strong incentive to increase small business financing among the hometown lenders who know their communities best. This is a smart way to help both borrowers and lenders, while using taxpayer dollars wisely to strengthen the economy. This administration stands behind thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their operations and put more Americans back to work. With the tools provided in the Small Business Jobs Act, we can help even more businesses like Columbia Grinding do just that.

Karen Mills is administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration.



ISO9001:2008 Certification Completed

July 2010: Columbia Grinding has completed the latest and a more up-to-date quality control process certification to provide you higher quality parts and manufacturing services. Visit our Quality Control web page to review our latest certificate.


Youth Apprenticeship Program Continues!

January 2010: Since September of 1997 Columbia Grinding is proud to sponsor our local high school students with an on-the-job apprenticeship training program. We are committed to making this investment in our youth to inspire them to become skilled employees in our community. A group of students are in this month that are participating in our training program.


Energy Efficient Plant Improvements

December 2009: Columbia Grinding Energy Improvements Featured in this Recent Newsletter. See the Focus On Energy News Release by clicking on the link below.

Download this Latest News Release Here


A New Third Flat Honing / Fine Grinding System
is Now Installed

April 2009: Columbia Grinding has now installed another ultra-precision flat honing / fine grinding machine. Along with this installation were energy efficiency measures incorporated into our grinding operations. See our News Release by clicking on the link below.

Download this Latest News Release Here


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Summer 2009 Issue


Larger Capacity Flat Honing / Fine Grinding Service

November 2008: Columbia Grinding is planning to add another ultra-precision flat honing / fine grinding machine to it's production operations in early to mid 2009. This new addded capacity will feature a 48 inch table that can accomodate larger carbide tooling and plates up to 15 inches. This new machine provides 3 times the working area over Columbia's 28 inch table flat honing / fine grinding machine. Check back for future updates or contact Columbia Grinding for further information.

On-The-Job Training for High School Apprenticeship Program

August 2007: Columbia Grinding is pround to sponsor our local high school students with an on-the-job apprenticeship training program. We are committed to making this investment in our youth to inspire them to become skilled workers in our community.


New Plant Expansion is Now Complete

January 2007: Columbia Grinding has now completed a recent plant addition of 12,800 square feet. This new expansion improves production efficiencies and capacity for our double-disc, rotary grinding, table grinding, lapping, double lapping and flat honing / fine grinding services. Commercial energy efficient building design with air conditioning was incorporated in the construction of this new addition. Our existing plant was retrofitted with coolant mist recovery system and with a heat recovery system for a cleaner shop environment and for reducing energy costs. A part of our facility expansion included acquiring a industrial property with an 11,000 square foot building. This has increased Columbia Grinding's storage capacity for customers requiring short term part inventory.

Looking down the main bay of our new 12,800 sq. ft. production addition. This area will feature our expanded Quality Control center, recent Flat Honing / Fine Grinding equipment along with Double Sided Lapping and Single Sided Lapping machinery. Parts washing equipment will also be included in this area.   Two overhead cranes service the new addition to efficiently handle part lunloading and loading. Our Tool Room and Maintenance Department will be reorganized and located in the new addition.


Our Production Capabilities Now Include

  • 8 - Double Disc Grinders

  • 9 - Blanchard Grinders

  • 3 - Reciprocating Surface Grinders

  • 2 - Rotary Surface Grinders

  • 1 - Double-Sided Lappers

  • 2 - Single-Sided Lappers

  • 1 - Polisher

  • 3 - Flat Honing / Fine Grinder

  • 2 - Vibratory Finishers

  • 2 - Parts Washer

  • Contact Columbia Grinding for complete information. If you have parts to quote visit our Quote My Parts page and our sales department will help you immediately.


    Flat Honing / Fine Grinding Services Now Available

    April 2005: Columbia Grinding has now added state-of-the-art two sided "Flat Honing" equipment to provide yet another option for your flat grinding needs. This machine offers you the advantages of conventional lapping, but 3 to 20 times faster. New technology "Fine Grinding" is cleaner and provides good finishes while holding all of your flatness, parallelism and size tolerances. Our "Flat Honing" service can be performed across a wide range of materials including steels, non-ferrous alloys, composites and ceramics just to mention a few.

    Contact Columbia Grinding for complete information. If you have parts to quote visit our Quote My Parts page and our sales department will help you immediately.

    Columbia Grinding adds new technology Flat Honing / Fine Grinding Services.



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