Grinding Services

For parts that must have parallel and flat surface areas, finished to critical tolerances, call on Columbia's double disc grinding services. Almost any material can be ground in this fashion: aluminum, brass, cast iron, plastic, powdered metal and steel just to name a few. Being a job shop we are exposed to a large variety of parts and components, so our abrasive inventory is very extensive to meet your most demanding needs.

Double disc grinders use two abrasive discs to remove even stock on two opposite and parallel sides of product components. The grinding of two sides, simultaneously, reduces handling and eliminates the extra grinding time, speeds production and provides consistency over the entire run of parts. With suitable tooling, profitable production rates can range from twenty to over ten thousand pieces per hour, all at a cost savings to you the customer.

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These parts are a small sample of a variety of what we can machine for you.   For high volume work our double disc grinders can handle your orders, no matter what the size.



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