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Lapping is the process of mixing loose abrasives with vehicle such as oil and letting it remove material from the work piece at very controlled rate. We use the "Free Abrasive " method of lapping which simply means we use a hardened table as opposed to a soft cast iron table. We can remove stock faster and still give you all the benefits of conventional lapping.

  • Flatness: 1 Light Band (11.6 millionth of an inch)
  • Parallelism: .0001 inches
  • Size Control: +/- .00015 inches
  • Finishes: As low as 4 Ra and 2 or better with our polishing machine
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Our lapping services can meet all of your specifications, especially for critical tolerances.

Lapping has many other advantages:

  • Small thin parts are easily handled
  • Thermal distortions are virtually non-existent
  • Clamping distortions are a thing of the past
  • Brittle parts are easy to run because of the gentle grinding action
  • Any kind of material including nonmagnetic can be run

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