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In 1953 Joe Shavor constructed a building at 914 Columbia Avenue in South Milwaukee and started a business now known as Columbia Grinding Co. It was a typical one-man shop. Joe ran two machines simultaneously, handled deliveries, answered the telephone, swept the floors, and did the paperwork.

While growing up, Richard Lussier lived next door to this shop, and would often watch Joe work. Little did he know that this curiosity would someday lead to his owning that business.

On March 11, 1976, Richard and Kay purchased the business and ran the shop in much the same way Joe had done for so many years. Early in 1978, the production workload became too much for one man to handle, so our first employee was hired. Today Columbia Grinding employs 35 people.

Our growth has been steady over the years. In 1986 we moved from our 1800 square foot building in South Milwaukee to the Oak Creek Industrial Park. As business increased we built a specially designed 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in 1994. During 2006 we acquired the property to the north of us including an 11,000 square foot building. Then early in 2007, we saw the completion of a 12,800 square foot addition to our existing building. We currently have 32,800 square feet of manufacturing space with a total operating capacity of 43,000 square feet.

Over the years we have worked hard to earn our reputation as the "Flat Work Specialists™" throughout the Midwest. Since our inception, we have added over 30 machines and several new processes and services and have acquired two other grinding shops. Services today includes double disc grinding, lapping both single and double sided, flat honing/fine grinding, vibratory deburring, part washing and packaging. We continue to increase on our Blanchard and surface grinder line-ups. Our inspection capabilities have been expanded with state of the art equipment for use in our quality lab. Columbia Grinding has been ISO certified since May of 2003. With all of these enhancements, the future looks very promising.


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