Grinding Services

Quality Assurance

Columbia's analytical software assures you
of quality finished components everytime.
Our new Helmel CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
can duplicate the method and readings customers get
in their inspection procedures.

We have a full service Quality Lab with a full time hands on Quality Assurance Manager. Our list of services includes but not limited to: SPC, Capability Studies, Gage Studies, Control Plans, PPAPs (Production Part Approval Process), FMEAs, (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis). We keep all of our measuring instruments records in our gage calibration software, traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

We do use SPC as a tool and have data collection stations throughout the shop for our employees to log their readings. Each station contains all the measuring equipment needed. The "Gage Talker Data Collection" system is networked to our Quality Assurance Manager's computer for his monitoring and the storage of data. We can provide certifications as well as data analysis with each shipment if requested to.

A particular list of our QC equipment would include:

Granite surface plates throughout the shop, some with electronic amplifiers for downloading of data on flatness, parallelism and size.

  • Sheffield Visual Gage Comparators
  • Wilson Hardness Tester
  • Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • Gage block sets
  • Manual OD and Depth micrometers
  • Electronic mics and dial indicators for data entry
  • Bore gage with electronic readouts
  • OD-ID Platform gage with electronic readouts
  • Profilometers for checking surface finishes
  • Helmel Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Optical flats for checking flatness
  • S-T Optical Comparator


ISO 9001:2015 - Columbia Grinding Is Certified

We often think of ISO as a quality program, and it certainly does deal with quality; however, it deals with management more than anything else. The ISO family of standards has been developed to assist organizations of all types and sizes to implement and operate an effective quality management system.

By definition, ISO 9001 "specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its abiltiy to provide products that fufill customer and regulatory requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction."

In the 1980's S.P.C. (Statistical Process Control) was the big quality push and we jumped on the bandwagon. As time went on we started using it as a tool and saw the value as more than just something that looked good to our customers. Adopting S.P.C. has paid many dividends since that time and we believe that this part of our success.

Initially we were urged by our customers to obtain certification. As we started to research and implement ISO, we began to see a lot more than just quality. Columbia Grinding decided to adopt ISO as its way of doing business.

We feel that ISO will do the same for our company in the present and future that S.P.C. did in the past. It gives us structure and a business system that will also to be consistent. ISO will help the growth of our business.

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