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Rotary Surface (Blanchard)

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One of our 10 Blanchard style grinders consistently performing for your parts and components.

These machines are versatile in that you can load one piece or a multitude
(1000+) on a magnetic work holding device. Production rates are high because of the ease of loading as well as the number of parts that can be ground at the same time. Large stock removal on very broad surfaces is easily accomplished because of the efficiency of the machine and set up is fairly simple. Blanchard grinding has such broad applications that it can be considered for rough and finish machining any flat surface unobstructed by projections.

Blanchard grinding is accomplished through rotary work motions, with the worktable rotating counterclockwise and the abrasive wheel rotating clockwise.
All work pieces being ground receive the same treatment resulting in uniform size and surface finish.

In 1909 the Blanchard Machine Company built the first vertical spindle rotary table surface grinder. The original Blanchard grinder established the concept known as "Blanchard Grinding."

Blanchard Services

  • Tables up to 60" / swing of 72" on pieces 32" high
  • Tolerances as low as +/- .0002
  • Flatness and parallelism .0004
  • Finishes to 4 Ra
  • Roughing for subsequent finishing operations

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