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  Flat Honing / Fine Grinding

This unique grinding process uses fixed abrasives such as diamond or CBN to remove material at an extremely controlled rate without dirty residue. The parts are held in multiple carriers that only allow grinding to the top and bottom surfaces. Production in this process is faster with a finer surface finish.

  • Flatness: 1 Light Band (11.6 millionths of an inch)
  • Parallelism: .000020 inches
  • Size Control: +/- 1 micron in a single load
  • Finishes: As low as 2 Ra to 4 RA
Typical Flat Honing / Fine Grinding ultra precision ground parts.

Flat Honing / Fine Grinding has many advantages:

  • Production rates can be 3 to 20 times faster than conventional lapping
  • Ideal for: small thin metal parts, stampings, fine-blanked stampings, thin-metal molded parts, machined parts, powdered metal, and both ferrous and nonferrous metal alloys.
  • Ceramics, plastics and irregular shapes are easily ground to high tolerances
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Flat Honing / Fine Grinding state-of-the-art technology equipment for your most demanding and intricate parts.
Multiple part carrier production saves time and produces accurate, repeatable high precision parts.                  Our Flat Honing / Fine Grinding services meet all of your specifications, especially for ultra critical parts and components.

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